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Bringing My Fish Inside


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luckily they all made it through the summer (b/c i couldnt see them half of the time) my pond doesnt have a filter b/c it is natural they have plenty of plants and algea growth to keep the toxins down. anyway it has been hard to see them for the last couple of weeks b/c someone (aka my mom and dad) keep getting grass in the pond wich durties up the water anyway i am moving them inside for winter bc our pond freezes and depending on how cold it desides to get (with this crazy ohio weather) and i wouldnt want to move them after it gets too cold b/c i think they would go into shock w/ the temp change b/c it is already about 60 degrees.

anyway my question is i am going to get a rubber madetub to put them in with a filter if i do enough water changes and vacuum the crud out could i maybe get only a 20 gallon or so? i dont want to have a whole bunch of them and i cant really afford all those filters especially when they wont be used half the time anyway and if i get a tub any bigger than that the sides wont stay up or anything.

i have 3 fancy's and 3 commets/ commons i now that is too small for a perminent home but they are still pretty small themselves and like i said before it would only be in the winter(about 5 months depending on how long it takes to get warmer0 when i bring them inside i will take updated pics of them)


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