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Update Of My Ranchu


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Hi Everyone,

Here is an update pic of my ranchu... Enjoy!!!

1.) This is a pic of new Calico


2.) Two ranchus I got from Tommy last year


3.) The one that I imported from Thailand


4.)Rachus from Paul(goldfishpassion)


5.)New ranchu from Tommy


6.) Tommy's fish again (not an update pic since he is in the hospital tub for SBD)


Let me know which one is your Fav.. :)

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wow, they look so pretty Fred.

thanks for sharing.

I gave up setting up green water.

:o so many! your entire group are cuties!

i especially like the black ranchu from pic #5. i love those chubby cheeks and the compacted body. your new calico is a beauty too :D


Thanks David and lrf :)

David ,What happen to your GW setup?

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I love all your ranchus, but my fav would have to be your calico ranchu :wub:

Thanks, Selena.

Lovely!!! They look so healthy. Their colours are strong and vivid :exactly My favourite would be the calico ranchu is picture #1 too :)

Thanks Mr.B. Seem everybody like the first piece.

lovely ranchu fred i :heart the one in the last pic :D

I like that one too. Unfortunately, he is suffering SBD because of my stupidness. I gave him floating food in the past :(

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Hes my fave too- your sbd boy. And also the last black fat one from Tommy. Tommy has great fish evidently.

They're all beautiful though and look so well cared for.

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I adore the red&black in the second picture. Is it the same one that's in third one as well? There's something about the colors that just caught my eye and made my breath catch.

Thanks MB. Pic 2 and 3 has the same fish, the red & black one.

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