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What's In My Tank?


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I have a 28 gallon tank, with 300gph filtration, that's been running for almost a year now I think. I've got three fish, a medium/large male chocolate oranda, "Gilbert", who's body is about 3" long. I know he's a male because he's had some major breeding stars in the past, although he's only got a couple right now. I have a red and white Oranda who I've fairly certain is a female, as her vent sticks out a bit. Her name is "Nemo", and she's about 2" long in the body. And I have a little crown pearlscale, of unknown gender, who is about 1 1/2" long in the body. Also in the tank are a handful of snails, I forget what they're called, they burrow in the gravel and have a long spiraled shell.

Anyway, tank is stable, water perams good, fish are all healthy.

This morning, when I got up, I was surprised to see something new in the tank. There are little fine particles in the water, that look almost like dust, some are as big as sand. All over the silk plants is something that looks like fine sand, like someone threw a handful of sand into the tank. There were also a couple of very small silvery-looking strings, which disappeared (I suspect they were eaten).

I'm guessing that the silvery stuff was eggs, and the "sand" is milt? Am I way off? Any ideas what this could be?

The tank is due for a water change anyway, so I'm going to do that and hopefully clean most of it up. It's NOT from overfeeding or anything, my dh and I are the only ones who feed the fish, and neither of us overfeed...

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