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Kribensis Has No Tail

love goldfish

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In my 45 gallon I have tiger barbs, gold barbs and 2 kribensis. One kribensis has been a bully and I can't find a mate that is not bullied by her. She keeps on killing them. I had 3 in there but one dissappeared so must have been killed by meany krib. The last one has no tail fin for quite some time and not bothering it. Still eating and still able to swim around. I didn't have this problem when I had kribs before, after these ones I will not keep them anymore. Sad to find one missing and one with no tail fin because one is a meany with all other kribs I put in the tank. They are beautiful fish but some are such bullies. I would seperate them but have no other tank to put her in, but he is doing fine, so hope this will stay this way.

The tank is right beside my computer and I was looking in it and guess what, I just found the missing one, omg. I thought it was dead. It has no tail fins either but doing fine. Must have been hiding all this time. If I see either of them not doing well I will put them out of their misery but for now they seem to be doing fine, hope it stays this way. They are strong little fishies.

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Goldyfan, kribs are African delta cichlids, and not real peaceful ones at that. With the barbs, if you get a large enough school it'll cut down on agression. That's not the case with Kribs, who seem to do better in breeding pairs.

LoveGoldfish, you may think about adding some more decor to break up the tank. Something like rock shelves, caves, or with lots of hidey holes would be ideal.

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