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Approximate Age Of Goldfish

Guest Esper

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Hi, i have just set up a breeding tank and have taken a few fish out of the pond with an attempt to breed them. I have been looking at the forums and they have to be at least a few years old to breed? is that correct? Do goldfish grow based on size of pond / tank / how much they eat or a time period? The two goldfish i selected are about 8-9cm long fantails and one of them is just starting to show spots on the fins (signs of male) and the other one is showing signs of being pregnant (or really fat) But at this size are they too small to breed, as they have only been purchased in the past few months. Thanks (i have no idea how old they were when they were first purcahsed, but i brought approx 80 of them from a breeding farm)

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Yes its usually recommended the female is older. The quality of the eggs gets better so you have more chance of more surviving fry. The male though can milt the eggs from the time those stars appear. My male fertilised eggs before the stars appeared. He was only about 6 months old.

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