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Air Diffusers, From Goldfish Connection

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A few years after buying the starter-kit from goldfish connection I have to say the ceramic air diffusers are much better then everything I've seen sold in the LFS. It hasn't clogged or anything much like the API's bubble wand which I would have to clean on a bimonthly basis. And unlike all the different Air Diffusers from the LFS the ones from Goldfish Connection has never worn out/shrunk/clog or such, and instead it still looks rather new.

I only began to realize the true beauty of these as I was cleaning everything and used 2 Ceramic bubble wands for the day as I left the stuff I cleaned out into the sun. My fishes began to become less active which really scared me and is now recovering from what I would believe as suffocation as my water parameters was still very good.

the link to the air diffusers can be found here


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