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Mr. Hat Isn't A Mr.


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Ok, I've never had a breeding age goldy before. My telescope Jack (who I'm pretty sure is male, and only been with me a year. I bought him when he was soooo tiny like maybe 2 inches) had been chasing her around the tank, and then I noticed these tiny clear bead-thingies everywhere. They looked like the insides of those sillica gel packs you sometimes get in shoeboxes, the ones that say "do not eat" on them. All of my fish have chased one another before, in all sorts of combinations, so I figured it was just mock spawning, or maybe just a bit of horse-fish play. Either way, is there anything I need to know about or watch for now that I'm sure one of them can lay eggs?

There was no cloudy water after, so I figure any males I have aren't old enough to do that yet?

Oh, and I've decided to rename Mr. Hat in light of recent events.

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Just because the water is not cloudy or full of milt does not mean that Jack did not do his duty. My big males rarely even chase hard - just sedate swimming and no cloudy water.

Yet they manage to produce 1000s of fry with no problems. If any of the eggs appear clear - almost invisible - they are probably fertile.

(The tank DOES tend to stink afterwards, though. Make sure you check your water parameters - there is nothing like spawning to through the cycle into a spin!)

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