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How To Pickout The Best Goldie Within The Tank From Lfs?

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I was wondering how do you pick out the best goldie .. in terms of good genetics, healthy goldie??

i'm not talking about the big ones but the smaller ones 3-6 inches goldies... i havn't really reasearched it before because i usually buy them for look or ask the pet sales to choose a healthy one for me ? is there ways or tips to chooose ??? :)

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Guest avalon

What I do is first ignore the obviously sick/unhealthy ones unless I'm planning on rescuing them, then just stand and watch the others for 5-10 minutes, often one or two will stand out and watch them to make sure their behaving okay, not floaty or sinking, no signs of illness, and if ya like them buy them.

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Here is my strategy......


Start by looking at fish online. Go to google images ect and see what is a good representation for the breed. Fish enthusiest websites are great too (maybe the best place to start). Try doing searches on this forum, and other GF sites. You need to get a good idea of what quality is to begin.


If you want to pick the best (any fish) from the lfs, dont go out and buy somthing the same day you wanted/decided on it. In fact go to several stores, every week to see what is out there. One store may have fish with less favorable charateristics while another may have some real beauties (different suppliers/breeders). Furthermore quality can vary from week to week. Call/ask them when their next shipment is to save time. After a few weeks/month or so, you will have a decent idea of what is availiable to you locally.


Ok, assume you found that one of your LFS's have got an awsome shipment in and you see a whole tank full of possible choices:


Are they sick? Noticable blemishes? bottom resting? Floating? Bloated with scales poking out/missing? Lots of dead fish in tank? Blood streaked fins?

In this case I would stay away, far away....unless I knew that I was experienced enough to know how to rehabilitate them. (even then I would demand a discount) Meds arent cheap.


Ok 95% of the fish look good (illness wise). Maybe a few banged up from shipping, it happens.

Stare at the tank for 10 or so minutes. Watch the fish carefully.

How are they all swimming. Some seem more at ease swimming? (for their breed-pearlscales do wobble for instance)

Having any difficulty maintaining position in the water? Look for the ones that are the best......


Which ones have the best body comformation?

Straitest and matched fins with no kinks?

Then have the best wen (as you suggested) have the coleration that you like.

Aesthetics that match your preferences.


Each of these questions you ask yourself will narrow down your choices. Often down to 1-3.

Somtimes it will not come down to "best wen". If you have been methodical in your searching the stores week to week, you may run across the "choice group". Maybe all of them will have decent wens, some better than others. I would rather go for body comformation, nice fins, good swimmer, healthiest, pretty color above "best wen"

You are looking for the total package here. That is how you get the best fish in the tank.


And if all eles fails you can always get one online. Make sure you see the actual picture of the fish you are buying. And it will be expensive plus shipping and handling.

Good luck in your search.

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The smaller eyes rule are used to buy fishes that would tend to be younger, hence more potential in growth.

I suggest, when buying fishes from those that imports go for the biggest ones, as breeders prefer to sell their best at a larger size for 2 reasons:

1) It increases the value exponentially as traits become more visible.

2) Breeders would keep a large batch of fishes which has the highest potential for a longer period of time and would give them conditions we normally wouldn't like green water and constant live food from mosquitoes and other insects that fly by.

At the same time, the larger and higher quality fish have a tendency to need more upkeep as they may have been pulled out of what they were use to which is Green Water and live food.

Also, you cannot trace genetics based on current traits as traits are dependent on how fries are kept.

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oh wow never really thought of that .. cuz i'm just thinking on how to get the best possible gense and potential out of the bunch of fishes in the tank because i do like to buy the smaller ones and watch them grow and actually feel that i have more accomplishments :rolleyes: .... of coz i would know that the big ones always have the highest potential ..but then they are a bit pricey ... :P other than that i wouldn't be able to actually see it grow ..^^

thats y i just want to know how to pick out a fish that has the best possible potential in lfs..

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Now I always look for the ones that seem to be in the worst shape, u know the ones that are bottom sitting or floating upside down or stuck to the filter or laying on the bottom, anything like that.

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