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Blue Crayfish


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In Australia we keep pet crayfish but we call them "yabbies".

Yabbies are mostly vegetarian and will eat thinly cut vegetable such as celery, potato, pumpkin, apples and other fruits.

I have read that it's recommended that you feed them a regular supplementation of chicken pellets or a little lean meat.

You can also buy yabbie food. Here is a link: Hikari Crab Cuisine

The crayfish pellets would probably be used instead of the meat and chook pellets

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I've got a few yabbies still hanging around from my aquaponics experiment, their fantastic at destroying the java moss which has decided to take over all my tanks. They get fed all sorts of things, though their staple is sinking shrimp pellets, and they get plenty of fresh veggies and algae wafers to go with it.

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