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Getting Red Of Nitrate With Algae


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I just thought of this.

This set up would cause algae to bloom on a designated area and at the same time stop your fishes from eating it. As more food means more end products, algae as food would just be like feeding the fishes more so in the end it comes back full circle as nitrate again making things counter productive. So instead we have nitrate being converted as plant food at the same time limiting the intake of the GFs. There's still maintenance however as algae may become too expansive so you may need to trim it now and then. Good thing to know is that algae is very fast in removing nitrates if nothing eats it that is.

First you need a tank divider that'll allow flow of water with ease, second would be a light bulb (for growing plants) and lastly an airstone and pump.

This method would require that there is a way for you to direct flow of water to 1 corner as the target corner should receive a good flow of water.

Set up the tank divider on the designated corner and make sure there is a space outside where you can shine your light bulb at it. Try to increase the surface area for the side which faces the light bulb.

Place an air wand or stone inside the isolated corner, this will be the source of oxygen for algae when the light is turned off by any chance.

After a while the isolated area should start blooming with algae, the idea however is to make sure the fishes won't eat it as it would be converted into poop and produce ammonia which would turn back to nitrate. You can however scoop some out for your fishes as something to munch on.

Sorry for the crappy drawing


Ideally you'll want to be able to leave the light on 24/7 but need a way to block out rays on your fish during night time cycle, but I haven't thought of anything except for a very dark divider with many small pores while the algae should cover the rest of the light.

I really just thought of this so I don't have anything set up at the moment but I'm sure it'll work.

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