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Veiltail Goldfish

Guest Wood

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Even online, veils are rarely sold. U have to go straight to the breeder. Daryl (Carol), a mod here, has lots of contacts with breeders in the US, so u have to ask her.

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Gary, most likely - and I doubt he will sell his Phillis to just anybody. The US breeders are still working on getting that breed out of exstinction, especially the blue variety, and they rather work with whatever they have, than give it to people who might not be experienced enough with the breed. You might however get a specimen that isn't "perfect" in the eye of the breeder.

They aren't an easy breed to take care of, despite the fact that they look like fantails when they are babies. Their tails, and the rest of their finnage, grows rather large, compared to other goldfish, and are very delicate when it comes to water quality. If the water isn't perfect, they are prone to red veins in the fins, and ripped vinnage, which is a major issue in a fish like that. They also aren't too crazy about too much water turbulence. A tank with no ornaments at all are best for them - again, to protect their finnage and give them as much swimming room as possible. My 7 are in a 75 gl tank, and they have grown beautifully from tiny little fry (remind me to take some pictures, to post the difference). Once they reach a certain size, I'd rather have them divided between two 75 gl tanks, just to give those fins enough room to spread, and to keep the water quality in check.

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