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Pottassium Permanganate (pp)


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Pottassium Permanganate (PP)

Use: PP is effective against most pathogenic bacteria, flukes, columnaris, bacterial gill diesease, fungus, most bacteria on body and fins, but not helpful for Ich infestations.

Background: PP is a purple, granular powder, which will stain your hands and fabric it comes in contact with. Also sold in smaller liquid dosage as Permoxyn. PP can also be used in cold water very effectively, unlike other medications. It is adviced not to inhale it, since its toxis to lungs. Also wear protective eye glasses. It is one of the least stressful medications, salt being the only one with even less stressing effects on the fish.

Other purposes: PP is a powerful oxidizer, oxidizing debris in your tank and leaving it cleaner. Its widely used by pond owners as part of spring cleaning. Its also used to sterilize tanks after illness, and to disinfect newly aquired plants.

Availability: Widely sold in pet and drug stores in 4 oz containers. add 1 quart of distilled water, and you have a stock solution that holds for a very long time. The powdered form is found in drugstores, feed stores, places like Sears water conditioning department and online at FishyPharmacy, but will only be shipped as hazardous material, being a powerful oxidizer. To make a 0.04% stock solution, add 2 level measuring teaspoons to 1 gallon of distilled water. Shake it to mix.

Dosage: This 0.04% solution can be added as follows:

- 3 tablespoons per 10 gl

- 1/3 cup per 20 gl

- 1 cup per 60 gl

Naturally, if you wonna go with the lower 0.02% solution, use only half the above dosage.

Treatment should be 3 days in a row, but its neccessary to bypass the filter, since PP will take out quite a bit of the beneficial bacteria. Increasing the airation is a must when treating with PP. Watch the fish for the first 15 min for adverse reactions and have bucket with tank water ready just in case. Then turn the tank lights off and cover the tank, since PP is deactivated by light. The water will become purple and should remain so for at least 3-4 hours for the treatment to be effective. If there is too much organics in the tank, it might get deactivated earlier and turn into a brownish amber color. At this stage the PP is ineffective.

PP can also be used as a topical treatment, dapping it on affected areas with a cotton swab, just make sure it doesn't get into their eyes and gills.

Ways to deactivate: Hydrogen peroxide can be used, as well as most dechlorinators. Those products will turn PP and the tank into a brown amber color. Light also deactivates PP.

At this stage the filter media can be put back into the filter.

It is also very convenient to do a PP bath in a separate tank or tub. Putting a fish in a PP bath of .04ppm for 2-4 hours when returning from shows, bringing in the fish from a pond, receiving a new fish before placement in qt, or for a good topical treatment of wounds, many parasites, funguses, etc. is an excellent way of topical treatment. It is advisable to use extra aeration in a tank using PP as a bath.

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