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What Is This? Can This Be Treated?

Guest qt4eva

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Test: Ammonia 0, Nitrite-Nitrate 0, Ph 7.8

29 Gals and been running for 3 years now.

A little overstocked because back then all i want to do is buy a lots of fish..Anyway, I have 5 goldfishs in there with an eheim canister filter 2234 at 350gph flow rate and a mini-filter (hope those filters are enought to support my 5 goldies.).

My concern... look at the pic I posted below. One of my fish have this thing poped out of his skin. It started 2 years ago after a sickness but the fish get well and I didn't bother with it. Now when I look at it, it make me feel bad so I was wondering if any expert on board have any idea wat it is or any way to treat that for him? Thank you much.


sorry for the bad image, I have sucky camera.

here a short 15 sec video of it..


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Hi there, GT4eva, and :welcome ....

Well, you know already that you are overstocked, so I don't think I need to dwell on that any more. When you get a chance, update your tank, or get the same sized tank, and divide your fish. Truth is, growing fish will mess up an overstocked tank eventually, and what wonders me with 5 fish in a 29 gl tank is that there aren't any nitrate readings at all - that is virtually impossible. How old is your test kit?

As to the lump - it does look somewhat fleshy. It is somewhat wart like, from what I can see. Has it grown some over the years, or does it basically stay the same? I'd say that if the fish is otherwise healthy and has done wonderfully since those two years, I would just take care of its living environment, make sure it is prestine, and leave it at that. The only other option you have is have it surgically removed by a vet. Which might be tricky, since there aren't all that many vets out there that "see" fish. Dr. Eric Johnson is one of them, he does it for years now with great success.

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