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White Cloud Mountain Minnow Fry!

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Hi Guys, just a quick update. I've been soooo busy with work recently that I've hardly had time for anything more than a quick water change with these guys, I've even had to get someone else to feed them during the day for me too. The three largest ones have continued to grow and look just like mini grown ups now! Unfortunately, as I suspected, the three smaller ones have disappeared - I've not seen them for over a week - I'm certain they've been eaten :( I'm hoping to introduce the remaining three fish into the main tank in the next couple weeks as soon as I can be certain they won't become dinner either! Update you again later :)

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All grown up and left home already. Man that was so fast! Sorry to hear about the MIA babies but it seems to be the way of nature :( I wish the remaining 3 long and happy lives. Loking forward to apic sometime of them in their new home...when you get a break :)

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