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All Of Sudden All My Fry Died

Guest skyrocket

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Skyrocket, I am sorry that all your fry died suddenly - and I am wondering what might have caused it.

Fry die easily, that is just a fact. They are fragile things, and they are affected by things that a bigger fish wouldn't be bothered with. Did you do anything different, anything unusual in the feeding maybe, or the cleaning? How often did you clean their tank, the bottom, and was there a filter of some kind in their tank?

A massive die-off like that sounds strange. Yes, a larger number of fry seem to be dying every now and then, but all of them basically overnight sounds suspicious. Maybe something got into their tank? Windex? Any kind of insecticide?

I am just naming the things that come to mind, maybe you think of somethin that might have been off lately. Sorry again - I know how hard it is to lose all your fry like that, especially your very first batch... :(

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Guest skyrocket

i dont really know what it was i didnt use polish or anything near that area where the tank was, however i do have some good news but also some bad news as well, i have a lot more fry now, which i am trying to raise also i now have tropical fish, which also have babies, but also my koi called sarah died suddenly i got her when she was small, and she grew big in short space of time, i have the fry in a goldfish breeding/hospital tank.

they seem to be doing ok at the moment,

and i did use to do regular changes of water with the other ones, i am hoping i have better luck with these fry i have baby fish everywhere in here now.

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