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Odd Growth On Comet (pics) - Suggestions Please ?

Guest aneng

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I have two comets in a 4 foot tank and one has had this growth on the head for about a year now and it's slowly getting worse. I have previously posted here about this but the problem now seems to be accelerating. You can see pics here:-



I've tried Myxazin and another general antibacterial (Interpet #9), I've added salt to 3% and I've tried increasing the temps to 25 degrees C for a few weeks. Nothing at all seems to make any difference. The fish isn't showing any signs of distress, but I can see this thing eventually killing it unless I can resolve it before it takes over the whole fish.

The water quality is generally excellent, pH, Ammonia & Nitrites. The Nitrates have historically not been so great, but not dangerous levels. The other comet in the tank seems fine.

Can anyone suggest anything please ? Would it harm the fish if I tried scraping the growth off ?

Many many thanks in advance.


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Hi Aneng

Sorry this growth hasn't cleared up. It's odd. The fish seems fine but I see you started a thread about this same growth back in March and tried the antibiotics and nothing seems to have changed. I suppose I might scalpel it off but if it is harmless there is perhaps no need. It is not something you could scrape off by the looks of things and you might need to sedate the fish and you would need some topical anaesthetic. I don't know if you want to do that? Please do not do this without assistance from a Mod. It is probably not neccessary if the groth is not growing...

I notice your fish has some red streaks in the tail and that you have had problems with nitrates. I wonder if its related. It may well be a harmless benign tumor or growth. I really think you should wait and see what a Mod or others suggest. I will bump this up for you

if noone else chimes in. It's horrid having a sick or sick looking fish and important to get a variety of opinions for something like this.

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Hi aneng ,and welcome.Sorry to hear of your fish problems.

In my opinion,i don't think that any person should ever make any sort of attempt to cut something like this off of the fish itself.It's not quite the same as having a wenned fish that can safely be trimmed. If you have a Vet in your local area,you could call and talk to him about bringing a scraped sample into be tested.As for these growths,do they look sort of shiney/waxy looking?

Most times when you see something like this, it's usually viral,associated with CARP POX, or LYMPHOCYSTIS. Unfortunately, this viral condition has no cure ,and can be contagious to other fish.Cooler waters sometimes bring it out,but sometimes as the water warms and params become spot on,these growths sometimes do disappear,but will always remain dormant in the fish.It's rather unslightly,but for the most part,not life threatening.

I have heard that when you do see symptoms like this,your first treatment should be with salt.As you've said though,you've gone the salt method with no signs of improvement at all,so I wouldn't try it again.

The next step after no signs of improvement would be to then look into something else called EPISTYLIS.Normally these are usually found on fins,but I don't know if that's always the case. This illness is usually treated with meds containing a formalin based product. I'd google around,and look into both diseases,and see what one it mostly sounds like/resembles,and then you can decide if it's worth treating them or not.

Just some ideas to look into anyway.Good luck. How long have you had these two fish by the way?

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