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Dissolving Prazipond?


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Howdy, folks.

Last November we got a gorgeous big old cinnabar colored oranda from a high-volume store in San Francisco's Chinatown. (It's a wonderful store, but fish from there DO need to be dipped and quarantined. Some haven't made it out of quarantine.)

After at least a month's quarantine and 2 salt baths, the oranda went into our 75G tank. (Bad Caroline! I didn't dip her in praziquantal because I was too lazy to go get a new supply of PraziPond.)

Including big flowing tails, tank residents are two 5-to 6-in orandas (including the newish one), a 3- to 4-in lionhead, and a 5-to 6-in Ryukin, plus a couple of fat 6-in dojos, 3 1-in cories, and lots of blooming big and small anubias. The water is VERY hard, ammonia and nitrite are 0, and nitrates sometimes get up to 45 when we're out of town but we generally change water before it hits 30. We keep the temp at about 76.

Now the cinnabar oranda is flashing against the gravel and plants, and the ryukin is flashing sometimes too.

So, I want to nuke the possible flukes with PraziPro.

I know the dosage to use for 75gal ... a scant gram. But is there a good way to dissolve it completely and quickly so it doesn't float around like snow in a paperweight for weeks? (Maybe I should try some tank water and a blender?)

Thanks for your advice,


San Jose

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:rolleyes: That stuff is the worst for mixing up good,I telll you!

I personally take a small container that has a lid,add Prazi,add enough water,and turn the music on while I shake,rattle and roll. :rofl

I did at one time use cleaned out gallon milk containers,but soon found out that my arms didn't hold up long enough to get it mixed as much as I liked. :o This works for me however,maybe someone has found an even easier way. :)

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Devs does it the best way I have found - as she wisely stated, it is not always possible to shake a large bottle.

PraziPond is a powder that is NOT particularly dissolvable - you can shake it, blend it, stir it and otherwise beat the stuff into water, but nothing is going to do the whole job.

Shake the powder as Devs has described - I use the quart containers from the Chinese takeout soup - until it is broken up into tiny white specks. These are poured into the tank. Let the fish swim through the cloud of specks - it is actually a GOOD thing - for Prazi, taken internally, is VERY effective, too.

Those specks will quickly settle, be sucked up in the filters and eventually dissolve. When I treat a tank, the specks will stick around for less than an hour - and then they are gone.

Do not worry about a snowstorm - even if you barely shake at all and the majority floats, it will be sucked up, dissolved, swallowed etc. within an hour or so - and it will go about its wonderful job of KILLING FLUKES. (I hate flukes)

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