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How To Buy Hikari Food


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Dear all,

Here's the background to my story.

I live in Dubai and in here, there are only a few places to buy fish food. Out of those there's only one place

which used to sell Nutron Red granules (that is the only decent food I could find for my Orandas as all the

other shops sell only flakes). Now they've stopped selling them and they only sell Ciclid food which is like

a powder and I went all around the city but couldn't find proper fish food to my Orandas (they are quite

big the oldest one being almost 7 1/2 inches).

I need to buy fish food online but I don't use credit cards. I can get a bank draft prepared and even send the payment

first, to get the required fish food for my darling fishies. As the title says I would like to by Hikari food (preferably

some type recommended by you). Please can some one assist me in this.

I thought of contacting this site for this purpose, as I'm so desperate as I've told friends to buy food from other

countries but everybody takes it so easy saying it's only fish and I hate it when they conveniently forget my


Awaiting for your advice...


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You could use bigalsonline.com. Someone here gave me that website and I checked it out today. They have Hikari food that you can buy online and it is VERY REASONABLY PRICED! However, I decided to go with Pro-Gold from Rick @ Goldfish Connection instead.

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