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Found More Eggs

Guest Bubbles76

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Guest Bubbles76

Ok, so last Friday, I found eggs and 3 frys hatched on Wed. I moved them to another tank and they are doing ok. Today as I was walking out the door for work, I decided to take a peak at the parents and I saw more eggs. They were not there as of last night at midnight. My question is "How often can this happen?" I was a little shocked that I would see more egg so soon. Should I seperate the parents so they will stop spawning? Also, can the heat wave we are having in my state be a cause of spawning so soon?


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It has been happening since the dawn of time - and will continue. I hope.

Fish will generallyl go through a "season" - usually "spring" , but will continue through the summer in many cases. When the weather starts turning colder and the days shorter, they should calm down a bit.....


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