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Misu Shui Color Change And Growth Pics

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Hey everyone, I thought i would post some more recent pictures of Misu Shui (Pronounced Mee-sue Chou-Oui).Its been about

half a year since I got him his Changed so Much! Color, and his grown so much :)

Sadly, he lost his black but his still adorable, and changing colors! lol

Pics from January :




Pics from today:






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Guest Steri

That's a very cute fish, it's amazing how much he's changed. What a great tank! What is your setup, what kind of hood is that and what types of plants r those?

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:) Thanks for all the Comments! Misu Is Blushing lol. =)There all real plants, Java Fern ( Lace/Normal) and Anubis nana.

The only thing I could tell you about the hood is that it's a Hagen 20 Gallon hood which came with a 20 gallon aquarium set.

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