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My Two Lucky Goldfish


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I just finished doing a nice 100% clean of my 55~ gallon tank which took me about 4 hours. I only have 2 fish in there, 1 common and 1 fantail. These were my first fish that i had bought for my tank setup. And iv had them for about 6 years now. From all the fish i had bought after them, they had all died, but these first two still live with me now :D .

When i bought them, they were only a few centimetres long, but now.. my common goldfish is over 23cm (including tail). I cant believe how big he has grown :D I ahve a car ornament, and i remember when he could swim through its tiny windows... and now his mouth alone wouldnt be able to fit through it :P

My fantail is still a decent size too. I remember a few years ago when he got stuck in my side 'waterfall' filter (forgot the real name of them). I went to bury him, and i saw a tiny movement of his tail, and almost threw him back into the tank. For a few months, his tail was damaged, but now he is as fit as can be.

I just thought id tell of my experiences of my 2 fish that have lived for over 6 years (even when i have seemed to abandon them in crazy 4-5pH water for months). This just shows how strong these fish are. My tank water is now at a healthy 7.5 pH and they look more active than ever. With this, i also bring a question.. how long do most common / fantails live for?


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It is good to hear about fish that survive early fish keeping mistakes/illness/accidents and so on. It makes your common and fantail special and tough. These kind of fish live the longest. I think some goldfish can live 20 years or so.

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