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Prazi V Flubenol

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Hi all. :D

I was interested to open a discussion on the effectiveness and use of Prazi versus other drugs.

I have been doing some research into meds and treatments in preparation for getting our new Puffer fish. They, as hunters and crustacean eaters, are prone to intestinal parasitic infestations so I had been exploring what could be used to treat them in this eventuality. During the course of discussion and searches, I found this:

Prazi kills parasites by spazming their muscles, so head sections may remain and grow back after months, and still living segments may be ejected and picked up by other fish.

Flubenol-15, is effective against all invertebrates simpler than shrimp (even snails) and uptakes through the gills. Therefore, it treats inside and outside the fish and in addition, the tank water is also treated for any loose segments. It kills by preventing nutrient uptake chemically, so every individual cell in the parasite starves over about 6-12 hours which is very fast. Furthermore, cell death means that no segments can survive and spread. It's also totally harmless, potentially beneficial even, it may induce spawning in some fish.

It would seem that this refers particularly to organisms like the tapeworm which are segmented creatures and I should make it clear that this infromation was discussed in the context of treating Puffers. But I was very interested to know if flubenol was safe for Gfish and if any of the treatment experts have any thoughts or opinion on this subject.

Daryl? Trinket? Toothy?

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Just one other thing.

Does anyone have a view about pest snails as carriers of internal worm eggs?

I'm just thinking that fleas are an intermediate host for worms in cats/dogs - they ingest the eggs when they lick themselves and then the worms develop in the gut. If a fish has internal parasites, would their poop contain eggs which could be eaten by the pest snail population in the gravel and then complete the cycle when the fish eat them at some later stage? Hmmmn.

I've been looking up flubenol on the web which sounds very effective and harmless to the biofilter. It is easily available in the UK whereas Prazi isn't. But I just would like to hear an opinion from anyone who's actually tried it?

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As far as i'm aware Flubenol 15 isn't widely available in the US.

I've used flubenol 15 as a treatment for flukes on my goldfish. Several times. It works quite slowly, I don't think the 6-12 hours thing is accurate, whereas prazi works immediately on the adult flukes. It took around 48hours to show signs of improvement with my fish. It says out there that flubenol will destroy even the eggs but again I don't believe that to be true as then one treatment would have been enough but the symptoms of flukes started again after a number of days.

The only other thing to say was that the flubenol 15 made my fish lethargic. They weren't themselves. Bottom sitting increased etc... The first time there were other things going on with the tank that might have caused it but the subsequent times they reacted in the exact same way. (And in total I think they were given it 3-4 times.) Normal behaviour resumed when carbon was added and water changes were done.

So all in all my experiences with Flubenol 15 weren't wonderful. It did stop fluke symptoms albeit temporarily but also had other less desirable side effects for my fish. I've a packet of it sitting un-used and I daresay I wont be using it again. Not with goldies anyway, I don't know the sort of success people have had with tropicals/discus etc...

NB: It will also turn your water v. milky for the first 24-48hours. Doesn't seem particularly soluble as there is white particulate matter that never dissolves and needs removed by syphoning.

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Well this was very interesting to read, Yazooo.

It's always the best way when someone has actual experience with a med. In just reading information about the pros one doesn't get to here of the less desirable effects.

On your earlier suggestion I have the Prazi on order from 'rockymountainpond' - so thanks very much for the tip. :)

Will it knock out the snails too or not? Just wondering about them as a source of re-infection. I hardly ever see them as the GF must eat them. But when ever I do w/changes and clean the filters I find them there.

PS. Forgot to mention that I'm wanting to treat for possible internal parasites/worms.

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