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Shrimp Questions..

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I have a few questions about my ghost shrimp :)

1. Are there any supplements or anything it needs? Right now it just pokes around in the gravel and eats whatever the fish don't, and sometimes their poop (gross!)

2. Since I've had this since the 8th or so, how long is the time period between shrimp mating and forming eggs? Mine has stuff tucked up under it's tail-feather-fin things, but it doesn't get close enough to the front of the tank for me to see what it is.

3. How often do they shed? I think mine's shed 3 times since I got it, about once a week. I remember panicking each time because I think the fish ate it and left the shell.

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Ghost shrimp are amazing little creatures. You will love them! Let's see if can answer your questions....

1) They like to forage around in the gravel for food. Mine will even swim to the top with the fish, grab a piece of food, then swim back down to eat it. They also like a little salt in their water. My trop tank has shrimp, platies, amd mollies, which all like a little brackish water. I keep the tank at about 1%. they seem to do really well with that. Be very careful when you gravel vac! The little buggers are hard to see. :)

2) They can mate quite frequently, but the eggs only have about a 10% chance of actually developing into babies in the aquarium. Most eggs get eaten by tankmates. Do you have them in with fish? I know another member here has been keeping ghost shrimp for quite awhile now, maybe it was Sushi or Kissy? (Not sure which) they could tell you more about the hatching. The eggs are tiny little green dots in the belly, under the back legs.

Hope this has helped a bit! Be sure to post pics if you can catch them.

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