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Fungus From Exposure To Air?


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Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: nearly 0, heavily planted tank

pH: 8 (can get KH and GH if necessary)

pH out of tap: 7.4

tank size: 40 gal

filter: AQ110 (almost 500 gph)

waterchanges: twice a week, 40-50%

fish in tank: two small ryukins, bristlenose pleco, one mystery snail and some babies in breeder nets

water additives: prime, calcium for snails

medications: no

new fish: no

food: gel food consisting of only veggies, crushed spirulina flakes, frozen brine shrimp w/spirulina, fresh veggies, sometimes broken up progold

unusual findings: fungus on dorsal fin

unusual behavior: no

I am battling swim bladder problems with a few of my fish currently. One is the smaller of my two baby ryus. He and his sibling are pretty sensitive when it comes to feeding time and it is rather hit or miss about what will cause issues and what is ok. So the little guy has been near the top the last few days and today i noticed some fuzzies (white fluffy spots) on his dorsal fin. The params are all fine. The water is changed twice weekly due to the bioload of the snail babies.

My question is if the fungus on the dorsal fin of my ryu is from the exposure to air? When he's at the top, his dorsal fin is flopped over and that fold is where the fungus is located, in a neat little line where it's not always under the water. He's acting fine, eating normally. I swabbed the area with a bit of hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip. I'm afraid to use salt with one so small.

Is there anything else I should do, or should I keep swabbing with the peroxide when I see the fungus recurring?

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I'm not sure what to do about this - the hydrogen peroxide is not helping. The fungus is just as bad and now he has red streaks where I'm peroxiding. I'm being as gentle as I can, but it is stressing him out to be held and swabbed. I don't see fungus anywhere else on him yet, but I can't help but think it's only a matter of time. I will do another water change and hope for some advice here.

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When one of my commons jumped the tank and dried out, many moons ago, she got a nasty fungus on the part that dried. Even though she was only a few inches long at the time, I put her in a hospital tank and treated with Jungle's Fungus Clear and she was fine in a week, although she lost all her pigment on that side. If only the loss was more speckled, she could have passed for a sarassa.

I'm no expert, that's just my experience. Good luck.

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Wow that's interesting, Missy!! I think that is what the fungus patch is from. I started treating him with Maroxy as well as swabbing the spot with hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip. He looks a lot better today and I hope this is the end of it. If the Maroxy doesn't get it all, I will wait a few days and try a PP bath.

Thanks for sharing your story. I wish I could have gotten some more opinions but I didn't want to wait to treat, as I know how deadly fungus can be. I lost my black ranchu baby to saprolegnia within 3 days. I think the Maroxy was excellent advice and a good gentle starting point. *fingers crossed*

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