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Pics Of My Goldfish

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Lost Jezebel yesterday from a secondary infection after treating tank for ich. She had dropsy but by the time I could see what she had it was too late. I will miss her, I have had her for 5 years, she was my favorite and one of the originals I bought. Speedy was bought 2 weeks before her.

Look on bottom link in the "In memory of" and Jezebel is the one in the first 4 pics.

Look in "Golfish album" to see my goldfish. Jezebel and Phoenix RIP.

Wanted to put links to each pic but didn't work. Just went to main page of photobucket, where you log in.

Speedy is white and orange mix fantail/comet and Princess, new one, is a redcap oranda

Speedy used to be mostly orange as you will notice, now she is mostly white with some orange on one side of her body. I love her color change.

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