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White Worms...

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so my hospital tank, its empty right now and ive noticed these white specs on the glass wall. i was like...what is that??? i tried to move it around with the magnet cleaner. then closer look at it...it looks like white tiny worms crawling around.

im thinking they are ick, and wanted to salt the tank to kill them off. but somehow my salt is all used up. i had some cureick so i dumped some in there hopefully trying to kill them off

anyone know what else they could be?

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They're nothing to worry about at all. They make excellent snacks for fry and small fish. What you're seeing is called planaria and they are harmless. However, they can sometimes indicate too much bio-matter (poo and uneaten food) building up somewhere in the system. If there are only a few here and there, don't worry. If they are too unsightly, you can eliminate them very easily with either praziquantel, droncit, or even parasite clear (which contains prazi).......

Hope that helps alleviate your worries! :D


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I have seen tiny white "worms" - maybe 1mm. But I have also seen 1/4 inch white worms. Both are real thin.

There they both okay?

I just had lck - totally my fault by moving and stressing my fish. Everyone is fine.

But I have been staring at the water/tank so much, should I stress about the 1/4inch white worms?

What about red worms that stick to the glass at one end? I have seen them in algae buckets in my yard as well. Are these blood worms?



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