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To Newbees Gulping For Air

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I have found that- sometimes you cannot find the problem right away- and as you are trying to isolate the problem your fish is gasping for air- here is a couple of ideas to use as a possible quick fix - not a daily remedy - a one time or so to carry your baby along untill you stabalize the problem

Don't filter water back into the tank unless your filter traps micron particles as well as the big ones or else you are asking for trouble. It taxes the liver and kidneys because the micro-particles that get lodged in his body generate ammonia and nitrites (not nitrates necessarily) and stop the blood from getting oxygen.

3 ways you can counter this blockage of blood not getting Oxygen - or eleviate, temporially, gasping for air.

1. Hydrogen Peroxide at one teaspoon per gallon. It will break down slowly with light. Do not use consistantly because, like a human, it will kill benificial anerobic bacteria over time that canno be regenerated. But if your little one is starving for oxygen - the results will become dramatic- ONLY use produce USP pharmacutical grade for purity.

2. Methylene Blue - unbinds the Nitrite that keeps oxygen from tagging onto the blood cell. Use once. have on hand.

3. Increase aquarium salt to reduce the osmotic uptake of the nitrites and any other posion that may be in the tank

as well; supplement your tank with seachams new 3-bacteria product that circumvents new tank syndrome.


Punch and Eric

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Guest Shiga

This is really helpful info, Eric, thanks. :D You mentioned seachams in my other thread...I wonder if it's available in the UK? I'll go have at look.

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