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I Found Babies!


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So I was seperating plants in the pond today and that turns the water all

muddy & gloomy for a while. A few hours later I go to check on

the clearity and everything still has this light film of mud on it, and what

do I see being chased around by the other fish but 2 BABIES!

They are about 1 inch long, that's a good size right?

I scooped them out of the pond and put them in my 10 gal

tank I currently have my Telescope in, since the turtle

ate his tail of.

I have not put any meds in this hospital tank for 2 days now

and just changed the water 30% yesterday.I put something

for them to hide in away from my telescope, and hubbie hopefully

will catch the store still open to get a tank divider.

Now what do I do? Should I have left them in the pond?

What do I feed these 2? I made gel food a few days ago

will that work?

I'm so excited and scared. I wonder if there are more in there

or if the fish got them. I wonder who the parents are. I can already

see that one of them has a black tail and darker body.

This is the first time I could be a grandma, so all help is welcome. :9

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:D congrats on your find!! i would just keep them in the 10 for awhile and feed them what you usually feed your other guys. gel food would be great! :bingo: i think it was a good idea to take them out for now they may have became a yummy snack :( other ppl may say differant though so lets see. maybe you can take some pond water out and put into like a 20 gallon rubbermaid until they are big enough to go into pond? just a idea :D congrats again to you! :D
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thanks, I put in the tank divider with a plant on thier side to hide

in and some stones from the pond.

I got some baby fish food for them that they seem to

like and noticed the picked at the gel food too.

We found one more the other day so I have 3 now.

The are fully formed with tails & fins, I can even tell

thier differences in color although they are still

very transparent.

Based on what I have been reading they are at least 5 weeks old

if not more. I'll post pics soon

thanks again

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They should be able to eat whatever the adult fish eat, in smaller pieces. Gel food is good to as they can pick at throught the day. I would offer food at least twice a day for now as fry tummies are smaller and they need to eat more often. In the pond they were probably grazing all day on algae and little bugs.

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Thanks for asking everyone! They are doing GREAT!!!!

This is so amazing to me. We found one more 3 days later

and it's a little smaller than the others. I posted pics on

another question and Koko answered saying they are 2-3

months old.

I hope that means they have gone through the rough patch

and are stronger.

I can tell they are getting a little bigger and eat well.

I just can't stop watching them. In the last 2 days I have noticed

shinny silver like looking spots coming on thier bodies. I hope

that means they are starting to develope more on the outside.

It's so funny when you see them poop. You see it from the outside and even a little still inside of them!

I've never been a fish Mommy before so this is fun!

I try not to think about the ones I may have lost but keep

looking and hope to find more.

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I'll try, it's only a 10 gal they are sharing. The babbies have

the 4 " at the end. I hope to move my telescope back in the

pond soon. That should be perfect timing for the babbies to get more room to swim & grow!

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