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Omg My Fish Hatched!


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Thanks Trinket! I tried taking a few more pictures, they really aren't much better though. I have a barebottom tank and so you can see the counter under the tank, which makes it look like there is a ton of debris on the bottom (there is some, but not that much!). Plus you can see fun things like Maalox bottles inthe background. I need a better camera and a backdrop.

Maybe I will hire a professional photogrsapher to take pictures of my fry...ya know, a few headshots of each and then some "fun" poses! Or better yet I could take them to Glamour Shots! :rofl



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They'd look pretty cute in purple feather boas. :)

:rofl Darn right they would!

I culled two today, they were very crooked and not swimming properly. :-(

I also tried counting them today and I think there is more like 50 than 30! They still have to survive a move though, so we shall see.

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