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Oranda Identify

Guest Chicklette

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Guest Chicklette

I just want to make sure I have everything correct.

Can anyone please identify these two. Are they tricolour orandas, red & black orandas, calico orandas, or other?


And the bottom two here are red & white "orandas" & not red top orandas, correct?


This guy is just called a "black oranda" ?


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Guest Chicklette

Thanks you! It's so cute to see the big oranda, Mango with the babies. He is just so gentle with them.

Here is a thread, you can help me name my fish. The orange one is "Mango" the black one is Lickerish and the rest need names. In the first picture do you know if those two are Tricolour, red and black orandas or calico? Thanks for the help!


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