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Plastic Boxes And Goldfish...how Long Do They Last? O.0

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I had originally bought Callisto [my small calico ryukin] and had kept her in a trechorous goldfish bowl.

For a total of one day.

For by then I had stumbled upon Koko's, in the midst of research, and realised what a horrible thing I had done.

I quickly took her out of that 1 gallon bowl (with much apology, for I felt terrible T-T ) and put her in a 5 gallon tupperwear bin---for temperary perposes.

She was in that for a total of 2 days [and changed 50% of the water each afternoon].

By then I had researched/learned much in the art of goldfish keeping, and knew that my tiny 1 and a half inch Calli would need space to grow to her full potential.

I soon went to the petstore and purchesed a rather pricey filter and a friend for Callisto---> Porkchop [the orange and white lionhead].

Knowing that five gallons was much to small a space for my beloved goldies I transfered them into a collosel 25 gallon plastic storage bin [which is sitting atop my desk rather awkwardly ^^; ]- filter, gravel, plant and all [and have begun the cycling proccess].

my question is----

Is keeping these two small goldfish in a well filtered, 25 gallon plastic bin allright?

If it is, will the bin be able to support that much water mass untill I am able to purchase a proper fish tank?

---->for one of the bin's sides is starting to bow. and i realllllyyyyy do not want it to leak...because that would not be best. =/


but as of now, Porkers and Calli are swimming around happily and seem to be relishing in all the space.

although they do look rather funny- them being so tiny in such a large tank----> or bin, rather.


help and answers would be greatly apreciated. =]

I only want the best for my goldies whom I have come to love so dearly in the past few days. <3

I never knew such tiny creatures could have so much personality :D

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I dont know what type of bin you have but in order to add strenght to it, you could get a couple tie down or cam type straps and wrap around the outside of the bin to help keep the shape until you get a different tank. Any home improvement warehouse sells them. Just make sure they are adjustable so you can crank them down tight enough.

Hope this helps

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thanks a bunch hunter ^^

I did as you suggested and the bin seems to have regained most of it's shape.



thanks again :D

...im still at a lost to how long sterlight 25 gallon storage bins last with 25 gallons of water actually /in/ them though.


--->i tied it down with bungee cords ^^

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Sterilite brand containers are advertised as being the equal to Rubbermaid. Most of the plastic bins are water tight and water safe. This means that you should not have any problems with the box lasting - for years if you wish.

As noted, the weight of the water will tend to bow the sides out - but you have addressed that issue. As long as you have no extreme shear forces on the sides - and it would take a lot, you are fine.

If the tub were outside in the sun, you would have problems for UV breaks down the plasticizers in most plastics - and it would "dry out" and crack within one season.


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so it'll hold?



i was getting all worried...i thought it was gonna like explode or something :blink: .


not really sure why, a pretty bizarre fear but whatev.


you have taken a great burden off my mind--- with the worry of having my box, er, explode and what not.


muchas gracias :D

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