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Spring? I Love You, But...

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So... it has been about a month or 2 since I have tested the PH of my tap water.

My current tank is 8.2 PH

Old tapwater when I last tested:

9.0 PH initially, dropping to 8.0

KH and GH were tested on an old strip test when I previously tested , and topped out on the strip. Don't recall the value at the maximum, but it was up there.


The tap water PH has tanked down to 7.2, have yet to test what it turns up with after sitting overnight. I am going to test the KH and GH again to see what happens.

Is this kind of dramatic change normal? I tested both my tank water and the tap water today. Surely I can gradually change over my PH accordingly, but ...

just what the heck! :unsure:

Any insight?

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That seems unusual. I don't know where all the pH wizards are, and I'm not one of them but you'll need to check your kH & monitor the changes. I think pH can change in tap water just as some days tap/source water can have high ammonia. I find my tap water has ammonia after it rains..

With a high pH you have to keep an eye on ammonia in your tank as it is more dangerous at a high pH. Also watch out for a sudden plunge with water changes. You could try very small water changes( 5%) twice daily, morning and evening rather than a large one, till you get a more stable tap pH.

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Thanks, Trinket: It sounds like that's the plan.

I have dealt with a high PH and having to stay COMPLETELY on top of water changes for quite some time now with any cycling tank, and havent run into any issue. Honestly, if this change stays long term, it's welcome! :)

Time for some KH / GH tests.

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