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A Few New Shots

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I figured it was about time I tossed a couple new pics up of my midgets. It's sure beginning to look like I have a little attraction to a few colors.... ha!


Jasmine, my slightly gimped ryu. The grump, with one blue eye, and one red eye.

A few of Donna; sorry for the messy glass, but... it's sure beginning to look like a hump is beginning to grow on her. Opinions? Do I have ANOTHER Ryu on my hands here, or just a fuller back on a fantail?




Blurry, but sure looking like that hump is growing!

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I'll toss more up as soon as I finish up with rearranging tanks later this weekend :)

Jasmine and Frost are the only clean red, and they're growing only more red; Donna and Ember are very clearly orange

I'm also now using the excuse of "I have almost all Ryus!" to go shopping ;)

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