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Hand Feeding Panther Grouper


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ok i have a beautiful 5in panther grouper i bought him about 3 or 4 months ago when he was about 3 inchs. the problem is hes always been kinda scared of the silversides :blink: whenever i drop them into tank he swims under the rocks and i have to get the fish out so my nitrates dont go up. on the other hand i can hand feed him anytime he will gladly take from my hand. now the big problem.. i dont want to hand feed this fish when hes all grown up! and my best friend is going to be taking care of him when i leave for 4 days in july shes scared of him(LOL) what the heck can i do? i dont want to be missing a finger! :krazy: anyone with experiance with these fish?

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just drop in in the tank. ill eventually get hungry and when it sees that food on the top of the water itll eat it. if the food sinks then do weekly water changes so the nitrates dont go up.

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