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Guest avalon

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Guest avalon

Just picked up two new fish that a friend asked me to take. Both are well and have gone through whitespot treatments etc before I got them, they've definitely had the treatments since I've been the one treating them. Anyway one has this growth cysty thing on its fin that its old owner tried to cut off without much success, it seems to have blood vessels growing right through it. After part was cut off the fresh wound thing went black before slowly turning back into smooth skin. The fish has had it for years.

I cant be too certain on any of the test results etc for the tank since it isnt mine but there have been fairly bad cases of ammonia poisoning with these fish before, tank was 130l, had 4 full grown goldies, 2 clown loaches and some miss matched tetras, yes the goldies were in a tropical tank. Two goldies went to a new home and the guy was ready to flush these two so I took em. The tanks a standard Aqua One 620T so it has whatever filter came with the tank.

Heres some pics of the weird growth



Anyone know what it is? I'm inclined to just leave it as is, as it's never spread to other fish and dosnt seem to harm the fishy

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Well,all I can say is that sometimes,Goldfish and Koi do grow lumps/cycsts,etc.,and they can live for years like that,so if it's something that the fish has had for a very long time,I would think that it should just be left alone.I can't imagine someone just trying to cut it off the fish. :o

This tank works out to be a little over 34 US. gallons,so that should be fine for these 2 fish.

Well,you do have these 2 fish now right?And I imagine that they are in new tank water,so you'll definitely want to test the params and keep an eye on them because this tank will have to go through a cycling period.That is a rough and dangerous time for fish,so you need to keep the upper hand on params,as to keep the fish in healthy water. :)

Good job saving these guys.I wish you nothing but luck with them. :exactly

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Guest avalon

They went straight into a a cycled tank, I cycled it with pure ammonia.

The tank these guys were in has now been converted to a tropical tank and after explaining to the idiot like five times that some fish grow massive like his goldfish did, he went and bought 6 Bala Sharks. I give up, he is never going to listen to me, least I got the two goldies off of him.

Right now they are in rather a small tank, I stuck em in there till I was sure the cyst wasn't gonna hurt my other fish, but as it isn't will move em to my 50g. Then off to the 100g pond when I finish that with my two stuntling shubunkins. The Cycled tank happens to actually be for guppy fry but ah well LOL.

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