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A Word About Aquarium Societies

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You will see a whole list of shows being held by aquarium societies, not particularly goldfish clubs. Aquarium societies are just as important to us than "goldfish only" clubs are, simply because they promote happy fish keeping, provide their members with price reduced equipment and general help in fish keeping. Aquarium societies are even more important in the fact that their range is far wider than just concentrated on goldfish, and you can find help and support there for ALL your fish at home.

Koko will build a webpage - as soon as she finds some free time - for all the aquarium societies I could find on the net, and there are literally 100s of them worldwide. Most of those societies hold monthly bowl shows or meetings with fish exchange, and normally two auctions or shows during the year - one in the spring, and one in the fall.

So, for now, all the auction/show dates I could find will be posted in that section. Sometimes you'll find even more show details by clicking on the provided link to the particular society, since most societies post shows of other clubs as well. I guess thats how I ended up sitting here for hours on end, since finding one auction suddenly turned into a snowball of auctions and shows.

So, go and look up your local aquarium society (AS for short), and you'll find just as much fun and friends as you would in a goldfish club. :thumbs:

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