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Guest avalon

Well my Mum finally has time to take me up to a very good LFS an hour away on Wednesday the plans to get two goldfish. Anyway for quarantine I have a 13g storage tub set up which has 12 x filtration. and when I get the fish will put some cycled media from one my tanks into it.

Anyway what I wanted to check was that the lfs's tanks aren't in a central system, each has their own wet dry filter. But I'll most likely be getting fish from diff tanks, so can they just be quarantined together? Just figured I'd check now so I have time to set up a second Q tank if needed.

I've never had a problem with the LFS before, lots of their fish come from local breeders rather then wholesalers and all the times I've been there I've never seen a sick fish, I've also never had any problems with any fish I've gotten there, so I'm not overly worried but will quarantine just in case, def better to be safe then sorry.

So can two goldies from different tanks be quarantined in the same tank? Or should i dig out another storage tub for quarantine?

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