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What Is Causing My Fin Rot?


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the ragged fins are not really getting any better, and the blister is not getting smaller. Should I treat the tank with antibacterial meds? Their tank has been salted for about 5 days now with out any major improvements to their condition.

If I need to I will try the H2O2 swab.

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When trying to establish the cause of my own fish getting fin rot I tried to work through the following causes:

1, Ammonia/Nitrite/pH(<make sure that pH isnt fluctuating)

2, Build up of dissolved organics- ie, make sure your gravel is vacuumed and filter's rinsed, if they need it.

3, Parasites

4, Rule out causes like tearing on a plant, bullying etc...

5, Other sources of stress ie, vibrations, temp variations.

Basically rule them out one by one. My water tested fine. I upped my tanks sanitation to no avail. Then treated for flukes which seemed to be the cause for me! But I had other symptoms too like a lot of air gulping after meals.

Finding the root cause will be integral to getting the treatments to be a success.

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I need more help.

So the blister popped itself a few days after my last post leaving a wounded torn area on the top of betsy's tail where the blister used to be. I thought it was just the healing process and that it would get better by itself. the wound has only gotten worse and I am really worried.

The blister initially stradled the top of the two parts of the fantail, really close to the fish's body. After it popped, the wounds (that sort of look like a chunk was torn from the tails) occured semetrically on the tails where the blister used to be. The wound was not red or anything for the longest time. The tails seem to fold down where the wound is (do to the weight of the scar tissue???). Now the wounds are just larger, the tails are still folded over, a dark grey spot has appeared on part of the wound, and there is new redness along the edge of one of the folded over tails. there is also a new blister on just one of the tails where some of the damaged tissue is.

The fish is acting fine and eating normally. I have been keeping the tank at .1% salt since the beginning of this whole mess. I rearranged my tank a few weeks ago to decrease any chance of injury on the ornaments. I have not treated for parasites or bacteria and I never did the H2O2 swab. There are no signs of parasites or infections other than the symptoms described above.

The tails don't seem to be able to heal folded over like that. What should I do? I have been hesistant to treat with meds if I don't know what the cause is. I am especially worried since the redness and the grey spot appeared.

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