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My Goldfish Clock


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I don't have the process of making it, but I have pics of when I was painting it. :D I made it in my HIP Tech class. (HIP is the program I'm in at school - Highschool Intercurricular Program) The whole clock was worth 20 points and I argued (as well as some other kids) with him about making it worth more. But he wouldn't budge :krazy:

Anyway, here it is:

All my supplies laid out...


My first painting on cardboard (this and the clock are supposed to look the same)


My clock with the beginning of the first fish...


Both fish done, next to the first painting...



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Starting to paint the first fish...


First fish done...


Starting on the black/bronze fish...




Comparing the two... pretty close!


With the clock mechanism and hands put together (and it works!!)


Tell me what you think about it! I don't know what I want to do with it yet. So far it's just laid on my bed, the floor and my laundry basket.

Edit: Oooh... Sorry the pics are so tiny. I switched the very last one with a bigger pic.

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It took everyone else about 2 weeks, but it took me only a few days because I took mine home and worked on it. The paint job only took one Saturday in front of the TV lol :D

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I don't think I'd be allowed to make another one... I don't even want the one I have now! .... I just realised that my fish are missing anal fins :blink: How did I forget that?

I've been playing with the idea of putting it on eBay just for kicks, but I don't think I will. ( No PayPal account.)

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