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first of all

7 gallon rubbermaid clear plastic container

1 fish

around every 6-7 days

no trouble in eating

the rest I am stumped with

anyways, Marbles got a lump near the tail for about 2 months, and I turn off the filter when I am giving food to it and turn it on again when its done. Marbles is always catnapping on the bottom and won't go up and swim around like it always is doing.Whats going on?.

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How are your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH levels looking? It's very important to get these tested, so you may need to look into either purchasing a test kit or traveling to your local fish petstore and asking them to test a sample of your water.

Also, do you have some sort of filtration? Goldfish expel a LOT of waste, so filtration is a must-have.

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Well, I think I have a water tester thing, and the reason I turn of the filter is so that the food won't be sucked up

. The filter is recommended for tanks 2-11 Gallons.

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