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Angelfish Tank To Goldie Fish Tank

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i ended up having to move my angelfish into my 55 gallon tank for now the tank has been up for a week and i am not going to do anything until it is fully cycled when it is done i want to make this my goldie tank (was supposed to be anyway) the temp is set a between 75-80 the decor in it was what i was going to put with the goldies would the only thing i need to do is lower the temp ? do i need to do a water change before adding the goldies and as far as the filter i am going to use an aqua clear 110 and either a aqua tech 10-20 or penguin 330 (i have those on the tank already) im thinking the aqua tech so i can use the penguin 330 in my 20 gallon with the angelfish so i dont have to buy another filter right now

does just lowering the temp would be ok after its cycled or is there any thing i really need to do

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