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20g Hex Tropical, Updated 3-2


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Update time! I actually took these photos last weekend, but I haven't had the chance to post them until now.

Here's the tank just before last Saturday's water change. Starting to look a little bit messily overgrown, especially there on the right side. A couple of the Emerald Catfish are scooting along on the left, and the Opaline Gourami is above them near the surface.


And post water changing--oh noes! Bacterial bloom! I'm guessing that adding the three catfish all together was a bit much for the cycle. :/ You can also see that I've removed the CO2 system. It was overdue for being refilled, and there was a fair amount of algae beginning to grow around its inaccessible areas in the tank. I think I may leave it out, and put it on my 38G in the future. Not having it on this tank provides a lot more viewing area of the right side.


Well, then it was time for plant maintenance. Of course, poking around in the substrate kicked up more Fluorite dust, so then the tank was even hazier. :P I moved most of the Cabomba that was stretched around to the right back to the rear of the tank. I clipped that one really long strand, and planted the clipped portion, along with a few other pieces, on the right side next to the wood base. I also extracted some of the Micro Sword runners from their parent clumps and planted them in empty spaces at the front of the tank; this way it should spread out and cover the bottom faster. :3


About two-and-a-half hours later, the Fluorite dust had settled, and although the bacterial bloom was still creating a fair haze, the tank was significantly clearer. (Still no where near what it was like before the water change though. :/)


And now, a couple of fishy shots! I finally managed to get a decent photo of one of my Otocinclus. Obviously, this was taken before I removed the CO2 bubble diffuser (and you can see all the nasty gunk that had collected on its tracks, which was part of the motivation for removing it.) When I got my Ottos, the tips on all their tails were rounded (and the one that ended up dying had almost no tail at all!), but now they're starting to get nicely pointed. Each of the Ottos is just over an inch long.


And one evening my froggy struck a cute rawr pose on the bottom joint of the wood. (Please excuse the blurriness and errant Cabomba roots.)


I'm still messing around with the filter exhaust, trying to find a position where it won't be blowing the Cabomba over and things like that. And right now I've got a bunch of fine particulates of I-don't-know-what inundating the water for no apparent reason (they showed up before I began messing with the exhaust). So tomorrow I'm going to open up the filter and see if something's gunked up inside. Hopefully the next photo update will have clear water again! :P

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Thanks, guys! :D

glitterfish, I adore my comic little froggy! One time (and I really wish that I had had a camera at the time!) he was gobbling at brine shrimp floating down through the water, and he swam up and grabbed one then slowly drifted back to the bottom, and because of the position he was in, first his back feet touched and then he tipped backwards and ended up sitting on his butt! It was hilarious! XD

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