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New Youngins! (image Intensive)


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I hadn't planned to pick up new fish yet, as I was holding out for something more unique... but I could NOT resist this pair. Well, I had the space! While walking through the store, I noticed they had a couple new young red and white ryukins in, about 2" w/o tail. After browsing them for a bit, these two swam up together...

Come on, who can resist that face?



As these pair seemed almost exact opposites, I HAD to snatch them both up. The red nosed one has a wonderfully sized tail for how tiny he is... The pair. A little bright



Fish butt!


... so right now, I'm defaulting to calling them fire and ice just as references, but name ideas welcome!

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So pretty! My ryukin has changed colors so many times since I got him, and a little while ago I noticed he was developing a few white scales on his side, so I'm hoping that maybe he'll eventually go more red/white like these guys.

I love the Fire/Ice name idea--it really fits them! Or something really similar like Ember/Frost. They're definitely a pair, in any case! :3

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