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Guest Jul

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I just started taking care of goldfish. :D

Anyway, I learned the hard way and 7 died already. >.<

I have three small ones left and I worry about them a lot.

Sometimes.. these three are at the top sucking in and out making popping water noise.

Is it okay for them to do that? For a looong time too?

I saw them doing that this morning, and when I came home they were still doing that.

And when I changed the water (few minutes ago), they stopped.

So.. what's going on? Are they getting used to the water change or something?

They're in a fishbowl now btw. :D (they used to be in my tank but I felt it was unsafe so moved them 3 days ago)

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ok, they are most likely doing this because there is a lack of oxygen To solve this, you can get an air pump.

also, you said they were in a fish bowl. well, this is not a helathy invorment. fancy goldfish(double tail) need a minimal of 10 gallons a fish. these fish can get to be 10 inches. they are also very messy fish. If you have single tail goldfish, these need 20 gallons of water. comets, a single tail varity can get to be 18 inches, while commons can be around 14 inches. like the fancys, they are very messy fish too. They also need the extra room because they like to dart around the tank.

hope this helps

btw, :welcome

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Guest LilRubyQueen

My fancy goldfish is in a 10 gal. tank and he still makes bubbles at the surface; only once in a while though. I have an air pump but i dont use it because it makes too much noise so I just make sure the filter dumps water in high power so it'd make air bubbles and agitate the water a bit.

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Hey Jul, welcome!

First, some questions!

1. Why did you take them out of the tank? I assume you had other fish in there and you were worried? (I can't imagine being scared of an empty tank!) That's probably a good idea as goldfish mostly like to live with goldfish

2. How big is the bowl? Do you have a filter on it? Do you have an airstone on it?

You might not have the best environment for happy fish. It's okay, we've all been there, but if you want to keep the three you have left you probably need to do some upgrading.

All this information you can find on the main site in the articles (which I highly suggest you read! They're amazing sources of information). But basically the rule of thumb is that you should have 10 gallons per fancy gold fish (they're the ones with the double tails). Even for little ones. I know it sounds crazy, and goldfish keepers often get crazy looks for the way we keep our goldfish (I have two small goldfish in 29 gallons and EVERYONE who has seen it has made a comment about how I need more fish!).

But, goldfish are super messy, which brings us to the next point: filtration. Goldfish are fat little fish and they poop like crazy. This makes their water toxic which is why it's important to have a good filter. The filter should filter 10 times the gallons of the tank. So, for three fish you want a 30 gallon tank with a filter that does 300 gallons per hour.

Filtration helps give fish air because it disturbs the water and creates oxygen flow. Airstones with air pumps can also help (the cool bubbles you see coming from the bottom of fish tanks).

I know it sounds like a lot but these are the best ways to keep your fish happy and healthy and alive. Most of us started with too many fish in not enough water, too, and we learned the hard way too. Creatures die when they're not taken care of well. Just like you wouldn't put a kitten in a little cage to sit in it's own poop, you don't want to put a fish in too small of a container to BREATHE in their own poop.

The cheapest way to get your stuff set up is, in my opinion, craigslist.org. They have one for every major city. It's like classifieds online. I got my 29 gallon tank for $20 through it! As far as filters, if you go to vvvv.com, find the filter you want, and print out the page with the price - you can go in the store and they'll price match. I saved $11 on my filter by doing that.

(In case you don't believe me: I had three small goldfish in a 10 gallon tank with a 90gph filter and I changed out half my water EVERY DAY. One of my fish got sick and died anyway).

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