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Closed Fins? W/ Pic

Guest Jtapangxx

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Guest Jtapangxx

ok look this picture

the fins look great right?


now look at this one. do any of u guys know what caused this?

i separated this one from the other 3 fishes that has good fins .

He doesnt move alot like he use to and his fins use to be open.

and i dont have a test kit =(


so u know what caused the fins to be closed?

Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 10 gals

What is the name and size of the filter/s? whisper powe filter for 5-10 gallons

How often do you change the water and how much? like 60% water change every sunday

How many fish in the tank and their size? there is 4 fish with the same size. look at the pic

What kind of water additives or conditioners? water coat

Any medications added to the tank? no

Add any new fish to the tank? no

What do you feed your fish? peas, flakes, spinich, rice

Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", idk wha tthat means

bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? no, but along time ago i had 5 fished that had that and died =(

Any unusual behavior like staying? yes the black/orange one. theres a pic on the top second one.

at the bottom, not eating, ect..? he moves slowly like a jellyfish and stays at top sometimes

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At test kit would probably be a good investment. There are blackened spots on the fish that look like ammonia burns, but I am not sure. (Other opinions?)

I think that the root of this problem is the overcrowding/water quality. I recommend 15-20 gallons minimum per non-fancy goldfish.

As for treatment, I am not sure. Hopefully someone else knows how to treat it aside from better water and less overcrowding.

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Hi Jtap :) . Clamped fins can mean a few things. First of all we need to have the tank water readings of pH, ammonia and nitrite. It is extremely likely that with 4 fish in a 10 gallon the weekly water change you are doing is just not nearly enough. One fish for 10 gallons is the rule and with one fish in a 10 you could do weekly w/c's. With 4 fish you would need to be doing daily 60% w/c's- always matching temperature and treating the water witha de-chlorinator like PRIME.

Also do you have an air stone in there? Fish at the top may be needing more air which is made by a splash or agitation on the surface. We need to have a pH reading too as pH changes can result in this kind of behavior. I hope you can post back with the exact numbers for farther help. Your LFS will test the water for you if you are strapped for cash.

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