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Long Time, No Post


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Soooooo... last year I won a million goldfish in a festival and tried to keep them for a while, buying things and getting things for free, til finally I gave the last living two, Fred and Spuds, to someone with a pond and a waterfall on Craigslist.

I still had my ten gallon tank and so I after moving back to school, I ended up getting a black moor. His name is Pancakes.

So I guess this is my, hello, again, post.

Thanks to this site I have learned a lot about goldfish. My roommates keep saying Pancakes is lonely and we should buy another fish but I keep telling them NOOOOO.

Hello, again, all!

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Guest Cattrix

Hi FPC....I am fairly new to the board .... but welcome back... I also would love to know how your Black Moor got its name "Pancakes" hehehe I bet he is cute.. :D


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