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Dog-faced Puffers

Guest Halloween

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Guest Halloween

I see them all the time when I go to the LFS around town and they seem to get cuter and cuter each time. I read that they're way easy to keep but then another site said the complete opposite. I was wondering what taking care of one is like... So if anyone has a puppy-puffer (sorry I couldn't resist) tell me about their care and what it's like. I think I might like to have one one day.

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Guest chris345

puffers are like any other saltwater fish. if you are experienced in saltwater fish then they are easy to keep. but if you have no idea then its very hard to keep!

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I have kept dog-face puffers before.

Lets see.. they are classified in marine fishes as one of the easier to keep fishes. This is mostly because of their endurance level and demand of the water quality and their diet, they will eat almost anything.

If you are deciding on keeping a dog-face puffer, and though they are easy to keep you will require many many more things than just saltwater and a filter. Marine fish keeping are far more demanding when it comes to water quality.

As I have said earlier, dog-face puffers are less demanding but overall they still require typical saltwater quality, and to most experienced marine fish hobbyist, this is easy to achieve as most experienced marine hobbyist aim to keep more challenging fishes. BUT if you are a novice then this is not as easy as you think.

There is simply just too much to list and tell you about in detail even if you just want to know about keeping one puffer fish.

So what I suggest you to do first is search for more information regarding setting up a marine fish tank in the net and then come ask here if you don't understand anything.

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