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Sorry, But Here Are Some More Pictures My Babies


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Okay, who to start with?

Umm.......... Godiva!





Group shots:

Hi Brother! (sorry about the tank glass)


Mars, Skittles hiding, Poe, Mithra, Sparky and Pheonix.


Poe, Mithra and Mars hiding. You can also barely see Pheonix:


Here are some more of Mars, who has now lost his peach hue:

He's practically glowing


Still has a few spots but the peachy/pink is gone


His scales just look gorgeous in this shot


This is just a little clip of a picture, that I think LOOKS awesome!


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Thanks everyone! I adore my little babies.

Godiva seems to be a favorite. And Poe is indeed thriving...my two little trashcan rescues, lol. Godiva them HATES water changes that involve me puttingher in a smaller tank. She has actually spit at me, it was kinda funny. She's a spunk little thing.

Mars is still changing though not as quickly now. His little toupee and mustache are much more defined now, lol. He looks like he channeling Elvis (sideburns), Hitler (toupee), and Gunther (for those who know who he is).

Sparky is amazing me as well. He was so little and thin-looking when I got him. Now he he's starting to look fatter and more mature in bodyshape.

So much of the fun is watching them grow and change.

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