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Good Deal On Hikari Gold


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I'm assuming a 17.6oz bag of this for $2 is a really really really good deal? Because my dad picked up a bag at a yard sale...We have to smush them up for the goldies, but they really chow down on it. I tossed a whole one into my tank with the two fancy guppies, and they were attacking it like there was no tomorrow.

I gave my two moors a whole pellet, and one would suck it up, then spit it out, then the next one would do that, and then back to the other, etc. until it was good and mushy and they could chew it. Those two have gotten so buddy-buddy with each other. It's cute watching them do their "water ballet" and grazing together.

Even my cat seemed to want some, she stuck her head in the bag and was sniffing around.

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