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Cupramine By Seachem


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I am on a never ending search to find something that will FINALLY rid my tank and fish of chilodonella. I've tried everything, sometimes more than once! The one thing I have not tried is any sort of copper treatment. I would like to give Cupramine a whirl.

I have looked it up on Seachem's website and have a few questions regarding it's usage. On the FAQs page, one person had written in and said that he used it and everything in his tank died!! The tech support's response was that if you overdose with Prime it reduces the copper ion and makes it much more toxic to the fish. Well since the treatment is 14 days (other places recommend 21 days) I would need to do a water change at some point if I treated in the main tank. And, since I use a Python, I put in enough Prime to cover all 90 gallons, not just the 45 I change out. So that would be considered "overdosing", wouldn't it?

I've also considered doing the treatment in a hospital tank and doing 100% daily water changes into a temperature matched, pH matched tank, dosed exactly the same each day. (Test kits are available so I know exactly how much medicine/copper is in the water.) That would be a lot of work but may be worth it. At the same time, I could treat the main tank with the Cupramine and not have to worry about water changes with no fish in there.

Another scenario jsut popped into my head: treat in the main tank for 7-10 days while watching the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates like a hawk. Once the nitrates rise above 20, move them to a hospital tank for the remainder of the treatment. Hmmm . . . that may just work.

Anyway, I guess I'm just interested to hear if anyone has used this before and if so how they went about it: main tank with or without water changes? Hospital tank? How long did they use it? Did it work?

Any comments/suggestions/experiences with the product are appreciated! :D

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